Managing Bibliographic Metadata

Erik Wilde

ETH Zürich


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Working with bibliographic metadata is one of the few activities which is shared by researchers of all disciplines. Managing bibliographic metadata is an important activity for conducting research, but only very few researchers use advanced tools or methods for managing their data. In most cases, established tools such as BibTeX or EndNote or even simpler methods such as spreadsheets or text files are being used. The Shared References (ShaRef) project aims at providing a tool and a service for the management of bibliographic metadata. One of the most important goals is to enable the sharing and reuse of metadata. Sharing can be accomplished by using bibliographies which allow access for user groups. Reuse is supported by providing powerful import and export filters, which can be controlled by user options. In addition, ShaRef supports publishing of information by allowing bibliographic metadata to be made available through an HTTP Web Service, which can be used to integrate live metadata into other applications. This talk gives an overview of the ShaRef system and highlights the areas of metadata mapping and metadata reuse.

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ShaRef data model

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