A Tool for Bibliography Management and Sharing: The ShaRef Project

Erik Wilde

Published in: D-Lib Magazine, 10(9), September 2004

ShaRef (http://dret.net/projects/sharef/) is a project aiming to bridge the gap between centralized library catalogs, and isolated bibliographies managed by individual users. Typically, bibliographic information is required at many different levels of an academic institution, such as individual researchers, research groups, interdisciplinary collaboration among groups, and administration (for example, preparing annual reports of the department or university). In many cases, it requires a lot of effort to manage the information flow as bibliographic information is moved, copied, and edited in many different locations. ShaRef will provide a tool and a service to support this scenario, by striking a balance between individually stored information and sharing capabilities based on groups of users.

ShaRef is a Java-based tool that can be used online or offline. In online mode, it connects to a central database and helps the user to access and manage the bibliographic records stored within the database. It uses authentication and authorization to implement access control. In offline mode, ShaRef uses the bibliographic records stored in a local database and enables the user to access, manage, and export these records. ShaRef has the following features:

A first release of the ShaRef tool is available already (please visit the project page). It is an alpha-release implementing offline mode only and offering no editing capabilities. This first release can import a number of different file types (BibTeX, Endnote, Bookmarks) and export them as XML (for further processing) or HTML (for Web publishing). In addition to simply formatting the bibliographic data, the HTML export generates links for electronically addressable resources (such as URIs and DOIs) and optionally contains OpenURLs, which enable users to easily access library catalog records from within their own bibliographies.

Project funding for the ShaRef project is provided by the ETH World initiative of ETH Zürich, which is a program to develop and introduce technologies for communication and cooperation independent of time and place. The program supports all members of ETH in their core business - teaching, learning, research and the associated management tasks. The ShaRef project team has three members (Sai Anand, Erik Wilde, and Petra Zimmermann), and the project is scheduled to run from July 2004 until December 2005.

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