The Semantic Web —
Introduction and Overview

Erik Wilde

ETH Zürich, TIK


The Web has been designed as a source of information for humans. For many, this medium has become indispensable. As a vision for the future, the Web could and should be extended with information that can be understood by machines. This would be the foundation for a new class of applications, and would also result in the improved interconnectivity of available information. The new possibilities of this "Semantic Web" will be demonstrated showing prototypes and simple examples.


Do Computers Understand Humans?

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Do Computers Understand the Web?

Computers and Today's Web

Can Computers Understand Humans?

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AI — Theory and Practice

What does cyc Know?

cyc knowledge base

The Semantic Web — What is it?

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Semantic Web Stone Age

Semantic Web in Action

W3C's Semantic Web Vision

Who do you Trust? And Why?

Chances, Challenges and Limits

Application Areas of the Semantic Web

ShaRef & Semantic Web

Joining of Statements

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