EXIS (Extensible XML Information Set)

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EXIS Abstract

XML defines a syntax for structured data without defining an information model for it. Thus, applications dealing with XML data need to decide which parts of an XML document contain relevant data (elements and attributes, for example), and which parts are syntactic details and irrelevant for the XML data's information (the kind of quotation signs delimiting attribute values, for example). The XML Information Set (XML Infoset), which is a separate W3C recommendation, defines an information model for XML. However, it does so be leaving out some of the aspects of an XML document which some users find critically important (CDATA sections and the document's entity structure, for example). The Extensible XML Information Set (EXIS) is a reformulation of the W3C's XML Infoset which aims at making the XML Infoset extensible, so that users can define additional information items and/or properties to meet the needs of their XML applications.

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