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XSLidy Description

Slidy is a tool for creating standards-based presentations, it is based on XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. XSLidy is an extension of the original Slidy idea. XSLidy is an XSLT-based tool (hence its name) which allows users to create simple XML files for their presentations. These XML files are then processed to generate one or more Slidy presentations, allowing cross-presentation links, advanced navigation features, and the ability to add custom elements by simply adding another layer of XSLT code.

Getting and Using XSLidy

If you are interested in XSLidy, please first have a look at the XSLidy Introduction, which itself is a presentation generated by XSLidy (from this XML source). The presentation shows how XSLidy works and how to use it. If you nee more information, the XSLidy User's Manual will explain everything there is to know (or at least everything which is documented...). If this sounds interesting for you or you already know that you want to get it, you can get XSLidy from the XSLidy Download page. If you think that XSLidy is interesting but lacks some feature you absolutely need, see how XSLidy Extensions work, maybe there is an easy way for you to adapt XSLidy to your needs.

More Information About XSLidy

The following list of resources has been generated by XSLidy. Using the XSLidy documentation XML, XSLidy created an overview of all presentations contained in the documentation, which is then dynamically included on the page you are currently reading. This list is highly configurable and if you are interested what else can be done, you should read the XSLidy User's Manual.

XSLidy Introduction
(13 Slides)
This is an introductory presentation shortly describing why XSLidy has been created and how it works. If you are not interested in details, this might be a good place to start reading.
XSLidy User's Manual
(49 Slides)
The XSLidy User's Manual describes everything there is to know about XSLidy. It may not be as complete as it should be, but there always is the XSLidy documentation XML which uses all features and can be used as a template for your own experiments with XSLidy.
XSLidy Download and Releases
(6 Slides)
This is the download and release information which is also written in XSLidy. Here you can get an overview of XSLidy releases and download the latest version.
XSLidy Extensions
(6 Slides)
XSLidy is designed to be extensible so that others can easily contribute and integrate their own tools for creating presentations. In this document, the extension mechanism is described, and links to known extensions are provided.
Slidy Test Slides
(5 Slides)
This is a very boring set of test slides. It has been created to test new Slidy layouts, and contains various combinations of HTML elements, so that new layout can be more easily tested.

XSLidy Links

The following links might be interesting to explore related resources:

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