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XSLidy User's Manual

XSLidy — Slidy Slideshow Generator

Erik Wilde, iSchool, UCB (August 2006)


This user's manual is an attempt to make the work invested in XSLidy accessible to more than just the people involved in the planning and programming of XSLidy. So if you find any errors, omissions, or other good candidates for improvements, your feedback is very welcome. As usual, the most valuable feedback is constructive criticism, stating what you found that could be improved, and how to would suggest to improve it. Please note that XSLidy is a by-product of trying to use non-proprietary ways of managing presentations and the resulting frustration, and not a professional product.

Thanks to Philippe Cattin for all the discussions (mostly while running), ideas, and test drives of my code!

Getting and Running XSLidy



XSLidy Parameters

java -jar saxon8.jar xslidy.xml xslidy.xsl presentation=intro,manual

Selecting Presentations

java -jar saxon8.jar xslidy.xml xslidy.xsl presentation=intro,manual

XSLidy Processing Messages

java -jar saxon8.jar xslidy.xml xslidy.xsl messages=warning

Processing Slide Notes

java -jar saxon8.jar xslidy.xml xslidy.xsl notes=remove

How XSLidy Elements Work

Element Overview

Presentation Structures xslidy, presentation, part, slide, note
Title Information title, author, affiliation, date, copyright, location, occasion
Generating Tables of Contents toc, slides, for-each-presentation, presentation-link
Generating Indexes index, category
XHTML Helpers list (ul/ol), image
Miscellaneous listing, counter, link, layout

Specifying the Content Language

Presentations, Parts, and Slides


External Presentations


Outline Slides


Slide Notes

Additional Styles or Scripts

Title Information Elements

title The title, e.g. Title Information Elements
author The author, e.g. Erik Wilde
affiliation The author's affiliation, e.g. iSchool, UCB
date The date of the presentation, e.g. August 2006
copyright The copyright notice of the presentation, e.g. 2006 Erik Wilde (if none is given, the default is the date followed by the author)
location The location where the presentation is being held, e.g. a city or institution
occasion The occasion of the presentation, e.g. a conference, course or lecture

Using Title Information on Slides

<li><code>&lt;title/></code> : <title/></li>
<li><code>&lt;author/></code> : <author/></li>
<li><code>&lt;affiliation/></code> : <affiliation/></li>
<li><code>&lt;date/></code> : <date/></li>
<li><code>&lt;occasion/></code> : <occasion/></li>

Getting Title Information from Specific Levels

<li><code>&lt;title level="xslidy"/></code> : <q><title level="xslidy"/></q></li>
<li><code>&lt;title level="presentation"/></code> : <q><title level="presentation"/></q> (default for cover slides and the <link href="toc">ToC</link>)</li>
<li><code>&lt;title level="part"/></code> : <q><title level="part"/></q></li>
<li><code>&lt;title level="slide"/></code> : <q><title/></q> (default for non-cover slides)</li>

Getting Different Forms of Title Information

<li><code>&lt;affiliation form="full"/></code> : <affiliation/> (default)</li>
<li><code>&lt;affiliation form="text"/></code> : <affiliation form="text"/> (only the textual content)</li>
<li><code>&lt;affiliation form="short"/></code> : <affiliation form="short"/> (the short value)</li>

Generating ToC Files

Specifying the ToC Format

<toc id="html-toc" name="toc.html">
    <th><presentation-link><title/></presentation-link><br/><slides>(* Slides)</slides></th>

ToC-Links to Presentations

Adding Presentation-Specific Information

...example from xml-fall06.xml...

Conditional ToC Information

<if-toc id="abstract">
 <sylvia:description><toc id="abstract"/></sylvia:description>

Information about keywords in presentations

HTML is Great, but...

Making Lists

Organizing Images

Including Text Files

Linking within XSLidy

Presentation Links


Presentation Styles

How XSLidy Processing Instructions Work

File and Link Extensions

Slidy Files

XSLidy Files



Controlling Outline Slides

Counting Slides on Outline Slides


Printing in Slidy

Improvements in XSLidy