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Wilde's WWW

Erik Wilde

Springer-Verlag, 600 pages, ISBN 3-540-64285-4, November 1998, Hardcover

The most important recent development in the world of media is definitely the World Wide Web. Since its beginnings in 1989, the "Web" has evolved from a rather simple model of resource names, a transfer protocol, and a language for the description of interconnected multimedia documents, into a highly complex infrastructure.

This book gives thorough up to the minute descriptions of all relevant WWW developments. It includes the latest versions of the transfer protocol (HTTP/1.1) and description languages (HTML 4.0, SGML, and its upcoming variant XML); style sheets (CSS); server issues such as SSL and CGI; Apache as an example of a Web server; and a description of technologies that will be of considerable importance in the future, such as MathML, VRML, and PNG. The various techniques how dynamic documents can be created using DHTML are also discussed.

The reader is provided with a detailed overview of the most important technologies of the Web, with special emphasis on the way they interrelate with each other. With its clear structure, this book can also be used as a reference work for anyone who works with the different concepts that make up the complex infrastructure of today's World Wide Web.

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It is planned to publish a second and completely revised and extended version of the book in 2002 (in fact, I am already working on it part-time, but there still is a lot of work to do until this work in progress becomes a finalized book again). Your comments, suggestions, criticisms, additions and whatever else you can think of for the second edition are very welcome.

Some sections are available online. These sections can be read to get an impression of the book's writing style, and of the level of expertise required for reading the book.

Table of contents

Part I - Basics

Part II - Advanced

Part III - Appendices

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