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Wilde's WWW (2nd Edition)

Erik Wilde

To be published by Springer-Verlag sometime in 2003.

This is the preliminary web page for the second edition of "Wilde's WWW". The first edition has been published in November 1998, followed by a reprint in June 1999 and a german translation in July 1999. If you feel that something should definitely be part of the second edition which has not been sufficiently dealt with in the first edition, please contact me with your comments and remarks. Thank you.

If you are curious and want to see at least something new, take a look at some of the examples from the new book. Currently, they are presented rather raw and uncommented, but I will certainly create a nicer way for accessing them once all examples are completed and the book has been published...

Furthermore, a small selection of books from the references section is listed on the dretbooks page. This is a structured and commented list of books, intended to list the best books (in my personal opinion) for the various aspects of Web technology.

As a last possibility for a preview, you can have a look at the online glossary for the book, which is currently under construction and changes more or less every day (and the look and feel of the presentation is, well, questionable...), but you get an impression of what kind of information you may expect from it when it's finished (in 2003).

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