Turn Your Blog into Blog-Like HTML

Assignment 5 — XML Foundations Fall 2008

Assigned: Thursday, October 2nd, 2008
Due: Tuesday, October 28th, 2008


Write an XSLT that transforms your blog into one continuous HTML page listing all entries. It should look and feel like a blog, so it should be a sequence of dated entries.


Here are the requirements that your blog-like HTML must satisfy:

  • Entries must be ordered chronologically and the date must be displayed as part of the page content.
  • Entries must have a title which must be displayed as an HTML title.
  • Mixed content must be turned into HTML by processing the elements in it in some way. This can be simple formatting (take an element in the XML and turn it into an <em> element in the HTML) or more sophisticated processing (take an element referencing something and replace it by the title of the referenced thing).

If for some reason you cannot satisfy these requirements with your current XML, please update the XML and the DTD so that they contain all the information that you need to satisfy the above requirements.

Submit the XSLT, the DTD, and the XML instance document. Explain the major steps your XSLT performs.

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