MDA-Based Tool Chain for Web Services Development

Pekka Aho, Matti Mäki, Daniel Pakkala, Eila Ovaska


One of the challenges in Model Driven Architecture (MDA) is the variety of tools which are not interoperable with each other. Also, a design flow supporting different phases of MDA-based development is often missing. This paper presents a tool chain and design flow for MDA-based Web Services development. The presented tool chain covers modeling with domain-specific Unified Modeling Language (UML) profiles, transformation of the UML models into Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) files, and Java code generation. The tool chain is validated in a case study where it is used in the development of a web service called Resource Availability Service (RAS). In the validation, the tool chain worked well, since the proportion of generated code in RAS is over 95%. The residual 5% of the code includes manual integration and business logic. User experiences indicate that using the tool chain improves the developer productivity in Web Services development.


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