Keyword Index

All Keywords of the Reference List

  1. .NET: nag030.8
  2. 1NF (First Normal Form): ken830.7
  3. 2NF (Second Normal Form): ken830.7
  4. 3DES (Triple DES): fips463
  5. 3DESE (Triple DES Encryption): rfc2420
  6. 3NF (Third Normal Form): ken830.7
  7. 4NF (Fourth Normal Form): ken830.7
  8. 5NF (Fifth Normal Form): ken830.7
  9. ABNF (Augmented Backus-Naur Form): rfc2234, rfc4234, rfc5234
  10. ACE (ASCII Compatible Encoding): rfc34670.8
  11. ACL (Access Control List): tol050.7
  12. ADSL (Asymmetric DSL): gor980.7, hec990.7
  13. ADT (Abstract Data Type): lis740.9
  14. AES (Advanced Encryption Standard): rfc35650.8, rfc36640.8, rfc38260.8, rfc38530.7
  15. AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML): xmlhttprequest, xmlhttprequest2, progressevents0.9, ariaroadmap0.8, huy070.7
  16. AKA (Authentication and Key Agreement): rfc3310, rfc4169
  17. ALC (Asynchronous Layered Coding): rfc3450
  18. AOP (Aspect-Oriented Programming): kic97
  19. API (Application Programming Interface): accesscontrol0.7, ump0.7
  20. APOP (Authenticated Post Office Protocol): rfc1939
  21. ASCII (American National Standard Code for Information Interchange): ascii, iso6460.9, rfc200.9
  22. ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One): iso8824, x208, x680, x681, x682, x683, neu92a0.9, sam93b0.9, x2090.9, x6900.9, x6910.9, x6920.9, x6930.9, x6940.9, rfc36410.9, rfc36420.9, ste930.8
  23. ASP (Active Server Pages): ple010.7
  24. ATAG (Authouring Tools Accessibility Guidelines): waiat, atag20, atag20techs, waitat
  25. AUIML (Abstract User Interface Markup Language): mer04
  26. AXIS (A XML Schema Integration System): sak03
  27. Access Control: tol050.8
  28. Annotea: kah01, kah020.9
  29. Apache HTTP Server: ger050.8, wai990.8
  30. Atom: rfc4287, say050.9, gre060.9, not07b0.9, not070.9, sai070.9, meh09a0.9, div09a0.9, div09b0.9, div09c0.9, sne09b0.9, sne09a0.9, sne07a0.9, sne060.9, sne07b0.9, rfc46850.9, rfc49460.9, rfc50050.9, rfc50230.9, pil04b0.8, wil09h0.8, che070.8, gro050.8, selfdescribingdocuments0.8, not08b0.8, not080.8, bro090.8
  31. AtomPub (Atom Publishing Protocol): gre06, rfc5023, say050.9, not07b0.9, not070.9, div09c0.9, sne07b0.9, rfc50050.9, not080.8, bro090.8
  32. BEEP (Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol): rfc32880.8, rfc35290.8
  33. BER (Basic Encoding Rules): x209, x690
  34. BNF (Backus-Naur Form): nau60
  35. BPEL (Business Process Execution Language): pas050.8
  36. BPEL4WS (Business Process Execution Language for Web Services): men030.8
  37. BPML (Business Process Modelling Language): men030.8, ber03c0.7
  38. BRE (Basic Regular Expression): iso9945-20.9
  39. BTP (Business Transaction Protocol): dal030.9
  40. Base16: rfc35480.9, rfc46480.9
  41. Base32: rfc3548, rfc4648
  42. Base64: rfc1521, rfc2046, rfc3548, rfc4648
  43. Basic Authentication: rfc2617
  44. BibTeX: pat88, pat88b, bee930.9, wil01e0.8, sha030.7
  45. BibTeXML (BibTeX Markup Language): wil01e, gam010.9, wil03j0.8
  46. BiblioML: gin04a0.8, gin04b0.8
  47. Browser: cuap0.9
  48. C++: str86, str91, lip890.9, lip910.9
  49. C-XML (Conceptual XML): emb040.9, alk050.8
  50. CALS Tables: calstable
  51. CANMARC: marc210.9
  52. CAP (Calendar Access Protocol): rfc4324, rfc32830.8
  53. CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart): ahn04, turingtest0.9
  54. CC/PP (Composite Capabilities/Preferences Profiles): ccppst, ccppav, ccppsv, ccppsv20, ccppta, ccppra, ccppep, ccpptrust, ccppcoord0.9
  55. CCP (Compression Control Protocol): rfc1962
  56. CD-DA (CD Digital Audio): hal020.8
  57. CD-ROM: iso9660, iso10149
  58. CDuce: ben03c
  59. CER (Canonical Encoding Rules): x690
  60. CG (Conceptual Graphs): mar000.8, mar990.8
  61. CGI (Common Gateway Interface): ple010.7
  62. CHAP (Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol): rfc1334, rfc1994, rfc2433, rfc2759
  63. CLDAP (Connection-less LDAP): rfc1798
  64. CLEI (Common Language Equipment Identifier): rfc41520.8
  65. CMS (Cryptographic Message Syntax): cms, rfc2630, rfc3369, rfc3370, rfc3852, rfc5652, rfc35650.8
  66. CNRP (Common Name Resolution Protocol): pop00, rfc2972, rfc33680.9
  67. CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture): corba, corba26, hen060.9, hen08c0.8, wal940.8, pud980.8, pud990.8, pud000.8
  68. CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing): accesscontrol
  69. CPIM (Common Presence and Instant Messaging): rfc3860, rfc38610.9, rfc38620.9, rfc39220.8
  70. CPP (Common Profile for Presence): rfc3859, rfc38610.9, rfc38630.9
  71. CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check): iso33090.8
  72. CRISP (Cross Registry Internet Service Protocol): rfc37070.9
  73. CRL (Certificate Revocation List): rfc3279, rfc3280
  74. CRVX (Character Repertoire Validation for XML): wil03i, wil03e0.9, wil03h0.9, wil04c0.8, wil04i0.7
  75. CSCW (Computer Supported Cooperative Work): sch920.8, hms940.8, cscw860.8, cscw880.8, iwcscw910.8, cscw900.8, ecscw910.8, cscw920.8, ecscw930.8, cscw960.8, cscw20000.8, cscw20020.8, bla930.8, ban910.8, gre880.8
  76. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets): lie05, csshtml, wcag10css0.9, wcag20css0.9, cssp0.9, cuap0.9, dom2style0.9, sac0.9, cssmobprof100.9, cssmobprof200.9, csstvprof100.9, cssbeijing0.9, css20100.9, cssomview0.9, mqueries0.9, css3gridlayout0.9, rfc23180.9, lie99b0.8, nie970.8, har080.8, kno010.8, wil03d0.7
  77. CSS-P (Cascading Style Sheets Positioning): cssp
  78. CSS1 (Cascading Style Sheets, Level 1): css1, sch000.8, lie970.8, lie990.8
  79. CSS2 (Cascading Style Sheets, Level 2): css2, css21, sch000.8, lie990.8
  80. CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets, Level 3): css3intro, css3syntax, css3preslev, css3print, becss, css3ruby, css3ui, css3ui2, css3text, css3writingmodes, css3page, css3gcpm, css3speech, css3content, css3line, css3reader, css3hyperlinks, css3multi, css3color, css3bg, css3background, css3sel, css3cas, css3layout, css3grid, css3flexbox, css3imagevalues, css3images, css3val, css3box, css3webfonts, css3fontprops, css3fonts, css3lists, css3border, css3namespace, css3transitions, css3animations, css32dtransforms, css33dtransforms, selectorsapi0.9, selectorsapi20.9
  81. CSV (Comma-Separated Values): rfc41800.9
  82. CTTM (Conference Time-Table Management): wil03g0.9
  83. CURIE (Compact URI): curie
  84. Cache: wes010.9, kri910.8
  85. CalDAV (Calendar Distributed Authoring and Versioning): rfc4791, rfc53330.9
  86. Canonical XML: xmlcanon, xmlcanon11, xmlexcanon, xmlc14n2, rfc3741, c14n10issues0.9, sid020.8
  87. CoDEX (Conceptual Design and Evolution of XML Schemas): kle07
  88. Cocoon: bro02c0.8, moc020.8, zie020.8
  89. Color Space: rfc25340.8
  90. Creole (Composable Regular Expressions for Overlapping Languages): jun07a0.9, jun07b0.9
  91. CrossRef: pen010.8, bra010.8
  92. Cryptographic Hash Function: bak95
  93. Cryptography: sin99
  94. DAML (DARPA Agent Markup Language): damloil, rdfdamloilaxsem, damloilmodsem, damloilmarkup0.9, bro02b0.8
  95. DAML-ONT (DAML Ontology): mcg030.8
  96. DCD (Document Content Description): dcd
  97. DCE (Distributed Computing Environment): dce, osf92, ros92, bei930.8
  98. DCMI (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative): dcmiam
  99. DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform): sah000.8
  100. DDDS (Dynamic Delegation Discovery System): mea00, rfc3401, rfc3402, rfc3403, rfc3404, rfc3405
  101. DDML (Document Definition Markup Language): ddml10
  102. DEA (Data Encryption Algorithm): des, fips463
  103. DEL (Data Extraction Language): delang
  104. DER (Distinguished Encoding Rules): x690
  105. DES (Data Encryption Standard): des, fips463, eff980.9, rfc54690.9, xmlsecalgorithms0.8
  106. DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol): rfc38250.8
  107. DHTML (Dynamic HTML): cha990.8
  108. DIDL (Digital Item Declaration Language): iso21000-2
  109. DIP (Dependency Inversion Principle): mar96c
  110. DK/NF (Domain-Key Normal Form): fag81
  111. DNS (Domain Name System): rfc2136, rfc2137, rfc9200.9, rfc11830.9, rfc19960.9, rfc28210.9, rfc34670.9, rfc35970.9, rfc37570.9, rfc45010.9, rfc55980.9, rfc21810.8, rfc26060.8, rfc28510.8, rfc32910.8, rfc43430.8, rfc43670.8, rfc28250.7, rfc36750.7, kri910.6
  112. DOI (Digital Object Identifier): z39.84, pas990.9, atk000.7
  113. DOM (Document Object Model): rex100.9, mediaaccessevents0.9, rdfaapi0.9, windowobject0.9, xmlhttprequest0.9, xmlhttprequest20.9, geolocationapi0.9, messagingapi0.9, webmessaging0.9, captureapi0.9, webidl0.9, selectorsapi0.9, selectorsapi20.9, websockets0.9, webstorage0.9, webdatabase0.9, 2dcontext0.9, webworkers0.9, fileapi0.9, filewriterapi0.9, filesystemapi0.9, websimpledbapi0.9, indexeddb0.9, datacache0.9, contactsapi0.9, cas010.8, sch02b0.8, box000.8, gar020.8, har020.8, eventsource0.8, webnotifications0.8, sim030.7, gup030.7, wil03d0.7
  114. DOM1 (Document Object Model Level 1): dom, dom1sec
  115. DOM2 (Document Object Model Level 2): dom2, dom2core, dom2views, dom2style, dom2events, dom2traverse, dom2html, xmlevents0.9, xmlevents20.9
  116. DOM3 (Document Object Model Level 3): dom3req, dom3cor, dom3con, dom3ev, dom3view, dom3xpath, dom3asls, dom3val, dom3ls, dom3as, webdomcore0.9, elementtraversal0.9, navigationtiming0.9
  117. DRM (Digital Rights Management): koe04, mul030.9, coh030.9, hab030.9, bre030.9, bec030.9, ros010.9, sob030.8, drm20020.8
  118. DSA (Digital Signature Algorithm): dss, nis920.8, xmlsecalgorithms0.8
  119. DSD (Document Structure Description): lee000.8, mur010.7
  120. DSDL (Document Schema Definition Languages): iso19757-1, vli02a0.8, vli02b0.8, wil03o0.7
  121. DSL (Digital Subscriber Line): gor980.7, hec990.7
  122. DSML (Directory Services Markup Language): zoe030.8
  123. DSRL (Document Schema Renaming Language): iso19757-8
  124. DSS (Digital Signature Standard): dss, nis920.8
  125. DSSSL (Document Style Semantics and Specification Language): iso10179, beh000.6
  126. DT4DTD (Datatypes for DTDs): dt4dtd
  127. DTD (Document Type Definition): xml, xml10sec, xml10third, xml10fourth, xml10fifth, xml10blue, xml11, xml11sec, rfc30230.9, kim000.8, lee000.8, lu030.8, mal950.8, got050.7, mam910.7, psa030.7, mel010.7, emb010.7, mur010.7, wil03o0.7
  128. DTD++: vit030.9
  129. DTD--: vit050.9
  130. DTLL (Data Type Library Language): iso19757-5
  131. DVMRP (Distance-Vector Multicast Routing Protocol): rfc1075
  132. Deflate: rfc1951, rfc23940.8
  133. Diffie-Hellman: dif77, rfc2631, pkcs30.9
  134. Digest Access Authentication: rfc2069, rfc2617, rfc33100.8, rfc41690.8
  135. Display Standard: rfc25340.8
  136. DocBook: wal99
  137. Dublin Core: iso15836, rfc2413, rfc27310.9
  138. E4X (ECMAScript for XML): iso22537
  139. EAI (Enterprise Application Integration): vin04c0.8, row010.8, ruh000.8
  140. EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol): rfc2284, rfc2716, rfc28690.8, rfc35760.8, edn030.7
  141. EARL (Evaluation and Report Language): earl10, earl10schema, earl10req0.9, earl10guide0.9
  142. EBNF (Extended Backus-Naur Form): iso14977
  143. ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm): rfc40500.8
  144. ECMAScript: iso16262, ecmascript, ecmascript5th, iso225370.9, wcag20script0.9
  145. ECML (Electronic Commerce Markup Language): rfc2706, rfc3106, rfc4112, rfc35050.9
  146. EER (Extended Entity-Relationship Model): elm850.8
  147. EII (Enterprise Information Integration): hal05
  148. EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans): wil01f0.8, rom990.8
  149. EMMA (Extensible Multimodal Annotation Language): emma, emmareqs0.9
  150. EMX (Entity Model for XML Schema): ste06
  151. ENUM (E.164 Number Mapping): rfc3761, rfc40020.9
  152. EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol): rfc3730, rfc3731, rfc3732, rfc3733, rfc3734, rfc37350.9
  153. ER (Entity-Relationship Model): che76, bat930.9, psa030.7
  154. ERE (Extended Regular Expression): iso9945-20.9
  155. ERX (Entity-Relationship for XML): psa030.9, psa020.9, psa010.9
  156. EReX (ER extended for XML): man03, man040.9
  157. ESAX (Encoded SAX): xmlppm
  158. ESMTP (Extended SMTP): rfc1869, rfc18300.9, rfc30300.9
  159. EXI (Efficient XML Interchange): exi, eximeasurements0.9, exiprimer0.9, exibestpractices0.9, exievaluation0.9, exiimpacts0.9
  160. EXIS (Extensible XML Information Set): wil02j, wil03c
  161. EXPRESS: lub020.8
  162. Eiffel: mey00
  163. Email (Electronic Mail): rfc55980.9
  164. Ethernet: iso8802-30.9
  165. Examplotron: vli02a0.8, vli02b0.8
  166. Exif (Exchangeable Image File Format): exif21, exif22
  167. FEC (Forward Error Correction): rfc3452, rfc3453
  168. FIPA (Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents): ccppcoord0.9, rfc36160.8
  169. FIQL (Feed Item Query Language): not07b
  170. FPI (Formal Public Identifier): rfc31510.9
  171. FSX (File System XML): wil06g0.9, wil06i0.8
  172. FTP (File Transfer Protocol): rfc959
  173. FXPP (Flexible XML Processing Profile): gol00
  174. FpML (Financial Products Markup Language): nen03b0.8
  175. G.Lite: g992
  176. G3 Fax (Group 3 Fax): t4
  177. G4 Fax (Group 4 Fax): t6
  178. GIF (Graphics Interchange Format): gif870.9, gif89a0.9, web970.8
  179. GIF87: gif87
  180. GIF89a: gif89a
  181. GIOP (General Inter-ORB Protocol): corba, corba26
  182. GODDAG (General Ordered-Descendant DAG): iac05b0.8
  183. GPRS (General Packet Radio Service): buc990.8, ebe010.7
  184. GPS (Global Positioning System): rfc58700.9
  185. GRDDL (Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages): grddl, grddlprimer0.9, grddlusecases0.9, grddltestcases0.9, wil05l0.8, nsdocuments0.8
  186. GSER (Generic String Encoding Rules): rfc3641, rfc3642
  187. GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications): red980.8, mou920.8, hei990.8, ebe010.8
  188. GSMP (General Switch Management Protocol): rfc3292
  189. GUI (Graphical User Interface): mac930.8, tuf010.8, sun990.8, str970.8, gal960.8, wei970.8, cha990.8, joh000.7
  190. GeoRSS: georss0.9, zha070.8, tok070.8, che070.8
  191. Google: ghe03, but000.8
  192. Gopher: rfc1436, rfc42660.8
  193. H.323: h323, rfc35080.9
  194. HDML (Handheld Device Markup Language): hdml
  195. HDSL (High Bit-Rate DSL): hec990.7
  196. HMAC (Hashed Message Authentication Code): rfc2104, xmlsecalgorithms0.8
  197. HNR (Heterogeneous Nested Relations): sen03b0.9
  198. HTCP (Hypertext Caching Protocol): rfc2756
  199. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language): iso15445, csshtml, html32, html40, html401, html5, html5language, 2dcontext, rfc1866, har080.9, i18nhtmltech0.9, i18nhtmltechbidi0.9, htmlbidi0.9, i18nhtmltechchar0.9, i18nhtmltechlang0.9, htmlroad0.9, xformsforhtml0.9, wcag10html0.9, wcag20html0.9, cuap0.9, rdfainhtml0.9, microdata0.9, htmlmediacapture0.9, htmldesignprinciples0.9, htmlpolyglot0.9, html5pubnotes0.9, html5diff0.9, eventsource0.9, webnotifications0.9, offlinewebapps0.9, rfc19800.9, rfc20700.9, rfc28540.9, lie99b0.8, dra940.8, xhtmlrdfascenarios0.8, dom2html0.8, htmlalttechniques0.8, not080.8, bro090.8, rfc18670.8, rfc19420.8, rfc27310.8, mar990.7, gup030.7, bry970.7, der970.7, xhtml100.7, xhtml10sec0.7, xhtml10third0.7, xhtmlbasic0.7, xhtmlbasic110.7, xhtmlbasic11sec0.7, xhtml110.7, xhtml11sec0.7, xhtmlbuild0.7, xhtmlmod0.7, xhtmlmodsec0.7, xhtmlmod2nd0.7, xhtml20.7, rfc21100.7, fun000.6
  200. HTML Forms: webforms2, rfc1867
  201. HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol): rfc1945, rfc2068, rfc2616, rfc5789, rfc5829, rfc5861, rfc5987, rfc5988, til090.9, het970.9, cuap0.9, whentouseget0.9, sne09c0.9, dus090.9, not080.9, bro090.9, sne07c0.9, cro070.9, https0.9, mog97b0.9, rfc20690.9, rfc21090.9, rfc21450.9, rfc25180.9, rfc26170.9, rfc28170.9, rfc28180.9, rfc32290.9, rfc32300.9, rfc38640.9, rfc49180.9, rfc56890.9, rfc57850.9, rfc58430.9, rfc59890.9, rfc59950.9, rfc62020.9, pil04a0.8, hei97b0.8, kri010.8, hei970.8, nie970.8, cla040.8, som10a0.8, all100.8, web100.8, kri910.8, chips0.8, httpinrdf0.8, contentinrdf0.8, sparql11httprdfupdate0.8, selfdescribingdocuments0.8, eventsource0.8, datacache0.8, soap11rorhttpbinding0.8, kri990.8, cookie0.8, rfc29640.8, rfc29650.8, rfc31430.8, mog970.7, mog010.7, mah970.7, luo970.7, accesscontrol0.7, ump0.7, photordf0.6
  202. HTTP Client: cuap0.9, chips0.9
  203. HTTP Extension Framework: fry99a, rfc2774
  204. HTTP Server (Web Server): mah970.9, chips0.9, mog010.7
  205. HTTPS (HTTP over SSL): https, rfc2817, rfc2818
  206. Handle System: sun97, rfc3650, rfc3651, rfc3652
  207. HyTime (Hypermedia/Time-based Structuring Language): iso10744, der940.9, rut970.7
  208. Hyperwave: mau96
  209. I18N (Internationalization): i18nframework, its0.9, i18nbp0.9, ltli0.9, wsi18n0.9, i18nhtmltech0.9, i18nhtmltechbidi0.9, htmlbidi0.9, jlreq0.9, i18nhtmltechchar0.9, i18nhtmltechlang0.9, wsi18nreq0.9, wsi18nscen0.9, mas010.9, rfc20700.9, rfc28250.9, rfc30660.9, rfc34540.9, rfc46450.9, rfc46460.9, rfc46470.9, rfc49520.9, rfc56450.9, rfc56460.9, itsreq0.8, rfc32820.8, rfc35360.8, rfc38660.8
  210. IAB (Internet Architecture Board): rfc2850
  211. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers): mue990.8
  212. IDEA (International Data Encryption Algorithm): rfc54690.9
  213. IDL (Interface Definition Language): iso14750, webidl0.9
  214. IDN (Internationalized Domain Name): rfc3490, rfc34910.9, rfc34920.9, rfc58900.9, rfc58910.9, rfc58920.9, rfc58930.9, rfc58940.9
  215. IEEE 802: iso8802-1
  216. IEEE 802.11i: edn030.8
  217. IEEE 802.2: iso8802-2
  218. IEEE 802.3: iso8802-3
  219. IEEE 802.4: iso8802-4
  220. IEEE 802.5: iso8802-5
  221. IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force): rfc3160, rfc4677, rfc36670.9, rfc36680.9, rfc39780.9, rfc39790.9, rfc26480.8, rfc35530.8, rfc36880.7
  222. IIOP (Internet Inter-ORB Protocol): corba, corba26
  223. IKE (Internet Key Exchange): rfc36640.9
  224. IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol): rfc2060, rfc3501, rfc21920.9, rfc28210.9, rfc35020.9, rfc35160.9, rfc44670.9, rfc50920.9, rfc52670.9, rfc54650.9, rfc54660.9, rfc55930.9, rfc55980.9, hug980.8
  225. IMPP (Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol): rfc2778, rfc2779
  226. IOTP (Internet Open Trading Protocol): bur99, rfc2801, rfc3354, rfc28020.9, rfc35380.8
  227. IP (Internet Protocol): rfc25090.9, rfc35440.9, hal00a0.8, rfc28510.8, rfc32520.8, rfc32910.8, rfc21430.7, kri910.6
  228. IPP (Internet Printing Protocol): rfc2910, rfc2911, rfc31960.9, rfc32390.9, rfc35100.9
  229. IPR (Intellectual Property Rights): rfc36680.9
  230. IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council): rfc39370.8
  231. IPcomp (IP Payload Compression): rfc2393, rfc3173, rfc23940.9, rfc23950.9
  232. IPsec (IP Security Protocol): rfc2401, rfc2411, dor990.8
  233. IRC (Internet Relay Chat): rfc2810, rfc2811, rfc2812, rfc2813
  234. IRI (Internationalized Resource Identifier): mas01, due03, due07, rfc3987, webchar10resid0.9, curie0.9, due010.8, due03b0.8
  235. ISBN (International Standard Book Number): iso2108, rfc22880.8, rfc31870.8
  236. ISO (International Organization for Standardization): iso9573-110.9
  237. ISO 13346: iso13346
  238. ISO 8859: iso8859, iso8859-1, iso8859-5
  239. ISO 9660: iso9660
  240. ISO RPC (OSI RPC): liu940.9, iso115780.9
  241. ISP (Interface Segregation Principle): mar96d, sob030.7
  242. ISSN (International Standard Serial Number): iso3297, rfc22880.8, rfc30440.8
  243. ITS (Internationalization Tag Set): its, itsreq0.9, i18nbp0.9
  244. IURI (Internationalized URI): mas00
  245. Image Format: swbpimageannotation0.7
  246. Internet: rfc2300, rfc2400, rfc2500, rfc2600, rfc2700, rfc2800, com970.9, com00a0.9
  247. J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition): j2ee13, nag030.8, rom990.8
  248. JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service): lai990.9
  249. JAX-WSA (Java API for XML Web Services Addressing): jsr261
  250. JAXB (Java Architecture for XML Binding): jsr031, jsr222, sim030.7
  251. JAXP (Java API for XML Processing): jsr005, jsr063, jsr206, har020.8
  252. JBIG (Joint Bi-level Image Experts Group): iso11544
  253. JDBC (Java Database Connectivity): jsr054, jsr221, tue030.7
  254. JDOM: jsr102, har020.8
  255. JFIF (JPEG File Interchange Format): ham92
  256. JITT (Just-In-Time-Trees): dur02
  257. JMS (Java Message Service): jms102, soapjms0.9
  258. JP2: iso15444-1, rfc37450.9
  259. JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group): iso10918, iso10918-1, iso10918-2, iso10918-3, iso10918-40.9, ham920.8, web970.8
  260. JPEG 2000: iso15444, iso15444-1, iso15444-2, iso15444-90.9, rfc37480.9, rfc37450.8
  261. JPIP (JPEG 2000 Interactive Protocol): iso15444-9
  262. JPX: iso15444-2, rfc37450.9
  263. JSF (JavaServer Faces): jsr127, jsr252, wil05s0.7
  264. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation): jsonschema0.9, rfc46270.9, sparqljson0.8, huy070.7
  265. JSP (Java Server Pages): ple010.7
  266. JTA (Java Transaction API): jta101
  267. Java: lou050.8, har020.6
  268. JavaScript: kri090.9, accesscontrol0.7, ump0.7
  269. KEA (Key Exchange Algorithm): rfc2528
  270. KIF (Knowledge Interchange Format): mar000.8
  271. KML (Keyhole Markup Language): kml22
  272. L10N (Localization): its0.9, ltli0.9, itsreq0.8, rfc32820.8, rfc38660.8
  273. L2TP (Layer Two Tunneling Protocol): rfc2661, rfc38170.9
  274. LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP): ger050.9
  275. LCT (Layered Coding Transport): rfc3451
  276. LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol): rfc1487, rfc1488, rfc1777, rfc1778, rfc2251, rfc2252, rfc17790.9, rfc19590.9, rfc22530.9, rfc22550.9, rfc37120.9, rfc38290.9, rfc39280.9, rfc36630.8, rfc36710.8, rfc36720.8, rfc36730.8, rfc36740.8, rfc38660.8, rfc36870.7
  277. LDH (Letter Digit Hyphen): rfc34670.8
  278. LDIF (LDAP Data Interchange Format): rfc2849
  279. LEIRI (Legacy Extended IRI): due07, leiri0.9
  280. LLC (Logical Link Control): iso8802-20.9
  281. LMNL (Layered Markup Annotation Language): ten02b
  282. LSP (Liskov Substitution Principle): lis87, mar96b
  283. LZ77 (Lempel-Ziv): ziv77
  284. LZS (Lempel-Ziv-Stac): lzs, rfc23950.8, rfc39430.7
  285. LZW (Lempel-Ziv-Welch): wel84
  286. LaTeX: lam85, lam94, kop950.9, goo940.9, dra940.8, hoe980.8
  287. Linux: ger050.8
  288. Lorel: abi97
  289. MADCAP (Multicast Address Dynamic Client Allocation Protocol): rfc2730
  290. MARC (Machine Readable Cataloguing): marc210.9, kei040.7
  291. MARC 21: marc21
  292. MD5 (Message Digest 5): rfc1321, rfc1864, bur06b0.8, xmlsecalgorithms0.8
  293. MDA (Model Driven Architecture): mda10
  294. MEP (Message Exchange Pattern): mor030.8
  295. MEP (Message Exchange Pattern): wsdl2extensions0.9, mor030.8
  296. METS (Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard): mets16
  297. MHM (Multiplexed Hierarchical Modeling): xmlppm
  298. MHTML (MIME HTML): rfc2110, rfc2557
  299. MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions): rfc1521, rfc2045, rfc2046, rfc2047, rfc2048, rfc2049, rfc4288, rfc4289, mas100.9, rfc18300.9, rfc22980.9, rfc24240.9, rfc30300.9, rfc34590.9, rfc37980.9, rfc38030.9, rfc38640.9, rfc55980.9, xmlmediatypes0.8, xhtmlmediatypes0.8, xhtmlmediatypes2nd0.8, wil02h0.8, wil06e0.8, rfc18740.8, rfc21830.8, rfc22310.8, rfc23020.8, rfc23180.8, rfc23760.8, rfc24250.8, rfc28540.8, rfc29870.8, rfc30030.8, rfc30230.8, rfc32360.8, rfc35340.8, rfc37450.8, rfc37480.8, rfc37780.8, rfc38230.8, rfc40210.8, rfc51470.8, rfc53340.8, hug980.7, soapattach0.7, rfc21100.7, rfc41020.7, rfc41800.7
  300. MMS (Multimedia Message Service): messagingapi0.9, rfc43560.8
  301. MODS (Metadata Object Description Schema): mods20, mods30, mods31
  302. MOF (Meta Object Facility): mof13, mof14, xmi21
  303. MOSS (MIME Object Security Services): rfc1847, rfc1848
  304. MP3 (MPEG Audio Layer III): iso11172-3, rfc30030.9
  305. MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts Group): rfc36140.8
  306. MPEG-1: iso11172, iso11172-3
  307. MPEG-2: iso13818
  308. MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching): rfc3031
  309. MSL (Model Schema Language): bro02a
  310. MTOM (Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism): soap12mtom, soap12-0sec0.9, soap12mtompolicy0.9
  311. MathML (Mathematical Markup Language): iso12083, mathml, mathml2, mathml2sec, mathml3, mathmltypes0.9, mathmlunits0.9, mathmlbvar0.9, rfc30230.9, mathmlforcss0.8, xhtmlmathmlsvg0.8, arabicmath0.7
  312. Meta Data: iso19115, lag960.8, lie980.8, dig350.8, tan010.8, rfc24130.8, rfc27310.8
  313. Millau: sun02, gir00, sun01
  314. Modem (Modulation/Demodulation): v900.9
  315. MySQL: zaw040.8, wel010.8, ger050.8
  316. N3 (Notation 3): haa04c0.8
  317. NBN (National Bibliography Number): rfc31880.8
  318. NDR (Network Data Representation): sad040.8
  319. NFS (Network File System): wal940.8
  320. NLS (Online System): eng680.9
  321. NNTP (Network News Transport Protocol): rfc977, rfc55380.9
  322. NTP (Network Time Protocol): rfc1305
  323. NVDL (Namespace-based Validation Dispatching Language): iso19757-4
  324. NewsML (News Markup Language): newsml12, rfc30850.8
  325. OAI (Open Archives Initiative): som020.9
  326. OAI-PMH (OAI Protocol for Metadata Harvesting): som030.9
  327. OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards): rfc31210.8
  328. OCL (Object Constraint Language): war980.9
  329. OCP (Open Closed Principle): mar96a
  330. ODF (OpenDocument Format): iso26300
  331. ODP (Open Distributed Processing): iso10746, iso10746-1, iso10746-2, iso10746-3, iso10746-4, iso147500.9, iso197930.9, bla930.8, bei930.8
  332. ODRL (Open Digital Rights Language): odrl11
  333. OEB (Open eBook): oeb99, oeb01
  334. OFF (Open Font Format): iso14496-22, woff0.9
  335. OHS (Open Hypermedia System): mal91, nue970.9, gro970.9, hun010.9, car010.8, ohs60.8, and010.8, ohs70.8, chr020.8, viv020.8, ohs20020.8, and970.8, tza000.8
  336. OIL (Ontology Inference Layer): damloil, rdfdamloilaxsem, damloilmodsem, damloilmarkup0.9, bro02b0.8
  337. OMA (Open Mobile Alliance): rfc43580.8
  338. OOP (Object-Oriented Programming): mey000.9, ecoop970.8
  339. OOXML (Office Open XML): iso29500-1, iso29500-3, iso29500-4, iso29500-20.9
  340. OPC (Open Packaging Conventions): iso29500-2
  341. ORM (Object-Relational Model): bir000.7
  342. OSI (Open Systems Interconnection): zim800.9, jai900.9, ros900.9, hal920.9, bla910.9, liu940.8, iso115780.8
  343. OSPF (Open Shortest Path First): rfc2328
  344. OTP (Open Trading Protocol): rfc1938, rfc2289
  345. OWL (Web Ontology Language): owlref, owlguide, owlabsyn, owlsemantics, owlxmlsyntax, owl11syntax, owl11semantics, owl2syntax, owl2manchestersyntax, owl2semantics, rifrdfowl0.9, rifowlrl0.9, webontreq0.9, owlfeatures0.9, owltest0.9, owlparsing0.9, owltime0.9, owl11mappingtordf0.9, owl2newfeatures0.9, owl2overview0.9, owl2rdfbasedsemantics0.9, owl2test0.9, owl2mappingtordf0.9, owl2xmlserialization0.9, owl2profiles0.9, owl2primer0.9, owl2quickreference0.9, owl2drlinear0.9, wordnetrdf0.9, fik050.8, hor040.8, cla040.8, rdftext0.8, swbpclassesasvalues0.8, swbpnaryrelations0.8, swbpspecifiedvalues0.8, swbpxschdatatypes0.8, swbpvocabpub0.8, ant040.7, lbase0.7
  346. Ool (Out-of-line XML): stl02
  347. OpenID: has080.7
  348. OpenType: woff0.9
  349. OpenURL: z39.88, som01b0.8, som010.8
  350. P-HTTP (Persistent HTTP): mog95, hei97b0.8, hei970.8
  351. P2P (Peer to Peer): rfc5594, kar040.7
  352. P3P (Platform for Privacy Preferences Project): p3p, p3p11, cra020.9, p3prdf0.9, appel0.9, p3pdepl0.9, cra970.9
  353. PAP (Password Authentication Protocol): rfc1334
  354. PDF (Portable Document Format): bie96, bie93, pdf13, pdf14, pdf15, pdf16, pdf17, iso32000-1, rfc37780.9, kin040.8, wil02k0.8
  355. PDF/A: iso19005-1
  356. PDF/E: iso24517-1
  357. PDF/X: iso15929, iso15930-1
  358. PEP (Protocol Extension Protocol): pep
  359. PER (Packed Encoding Rules): x691
  360. PGML (Precision Graphics Markup Language): pgml
  361. PGP (Pretty Good Privacy): rfc24400.9, ger000.8, xkmspgp0.8, hug980.7
  362. PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor): wel010.8, ger050.8, ple010.7
  363. PICS (Platform for Internet Content Selection): picslabel, picsservices, picsrules, res960.9
  364. PIP (Presence Information Protocol): moh98
  365. PKCS (Public-Key Cryptography Standards): hel78, rfc59670.9
  366. PKCS-10: rfc2986
  367. PKCS-5: rfc2898
  368. PKCS-7: pkcs7, rfc2315
  369. PKCS-9: rfc2985
  370. PKIX (Public-Key Infrastructure X.509): rfc25280.9, rfc30390.9, rfc37090.9, rfc37390.9, rfc38200.9, ger000.8
  371. PLS (Pronunciation Lexicon Specification): pronunciationlexicon, lexiconreqs0.9
  372. PNG (Portable Network Graphics): iso15948, png, png2nd, nie970.8, web970.8
  373. POP (Post Office Protocol): rfc1939, rfc2449, rfc19570.9, rfc23840.9, rfc28210.9, rfc55980.9, hug980.8
  374. POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface): iso9945-1, iso9945-2
  375. PPM (Prediction by Partial Matching): cle91, xmlppm0.7
  376. PPP (Point to Point Protocol): rfc1661, rfc13340.9, rfc19620.9, rfc19940.9, rfc22840.9, rfc24200.9, rfc24330.9, rfc25090.9, rfc27160.9, rfc27590.9, rfc35440.9, rfc38180.9
  377. PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet): rfc2516, rfc38170.9
  378. PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol): rfc2637
  379. PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network): v900.8, rfc28060.8, rfc39660.8
  380. PURL (Persistent URL): sha96
  381. PageRank: pag99, hav02a0.8, eir040.8
  382. Parser: gru91
  383. Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language): ple010.7
  384. Proxy: luo970.8, mog010.7, rfc31430.7
  385. Public-Key Cryptography (Asymmetric Cryptography): sin99
  386. Quilt: rob00, cha00
  387. RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service): rfc2058, rfc2138, rfc2865, rfc20590.9, rfc21390.9, rfc28660.9, rfc28690.8, rfc35750.8, rfc35760.8
  388. RARP (Reverse Address Resolution Protocol): rfc903
  389. RBAC (Role Based Access Control): fer03b0.9, tol050.7
  390. RDBMS (Relational Database Management System): cod70, cha76, flo99b0.8, kap010.8, rdb2rdfucr0.8, r2rml0.8, rdbdirectmapping0.8
  391. RDDL (Resource Directory Description Language): rddl, rddl2, dod010.8, nsdocuments0.8
  392. RDF (Resource Description Framework): rdf, rdfconcepts, rdfsch, car050.9, car03b0.9, car04c0.9, rifrdfowl0.9, rifinrdf0.9, owl11mappingtordf0.9, owl2rdfbasedsemantics0.9, owl2mappingtordf0.9, rdfprimer0.9, refacrdf0.9, rdftheory0.9, rdftest0.9, rdfdawguc0.9, rdfdamloilaxsem0.9, pointersinrdf0.9, rfc30230.9, bat080.8, bro02b0.8, wil10a0.8, haa04c0.8, cla040.8, mar000.8, fut060.8, wsdl20rdf0.8, rdftmsurvey0.8, swbpxschdatatypes0.8, httpinrdf0.8, contentinrdf0.8, rdb2rdfucr0.8, r2rml0.8, rdbdirectmapping0.8, sparqlquery0.8, sparql11query0.8, sparql11update0.8, sparql11httprdfupdate0.8, grddl0.8, xlinkrdf0.8, selfdescribingdocuments0.8, not08b0.8, rfc38700.8, gar050.7, eck030.7, ant040.7, owlparsing0.7, wordnetrdf0.7, p3prdf0.7, rdfcal0.7, lbase0.7, hor040.6, photordf0.6
  393. RDF/XML: refacrdf
  394. RDFS (RDF Schema): rifrdfowl0.9, rdftheory0.9, swbpclassesasvalues0.8, swbpnaryrelations0.8, swbpvocabpub0.8, ant040.7
  395. RDFa (RDF in Attributes): rdfasyntax, rdfacore, rdfainhtml0.9, xhtmlrdfa0.9, roleattribute0.9, rdfaapi0.9, xhtmlrdfaprimer0.8, xhtmlrdfascenarios0.8, selfdescribingdocuments0.8
  396. RDQL (RDF Data Query Language): rdql, haa04c0.8, cla040.8
  397. RELAX (Regular Language description for XML): vli02a0.8, vli02b0.8, mur010.7
  398. RELAX NG: iso19757-2, relaxng, relaxngcompact, rob040.8, vli02a0.8, vli02b0.8, xmlsecrngschema0.8, wil03o0.7
  399. REST (Representational State Transfer): fie02, wsrest2010, wsrest2011, fie00, she070.9, vin08b0.9, vin08c0.9, vin08d0.9, lat070.9, ala10a0.9, mar10a0.9, ala10b0.9, ere070.9, all100.9, web100.9, ric070.9, bur090.9, til090.9, bat080.8, wil10a0.8, rob060.8, pau09a0.8, wil09i0.8, pre020.8, gui10a0.8, jsr3110.8
  400. RFC (Request For Comments): rfc1310, rfc1602, rfc2026, rfc5540, rfc5744, rfc17960.9, rfc20000.9, rfc21190.9, rfc24340.9, rfc26290.9, rfc35520.9, rfc52260.9
  401. RIF (Rule Interchange Format): rifcore, rifbld, rifdtb, rifoverview0.9, rifucr0.9, riffld0.9, riftest0.9, rifrdfowl0.9, rifowlrl0.9, rifinrdf0.9, rifxmldata0.9, rifprd0.9, rdftext0.8
  402. RM (Relational Model): wil06j0.8
  403. RPC (Remote Procedure Call): bir84, rfc707, vin08d0.9, vin050.9, pau09a0.8, wal940.8
  404. RSA (Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman): riv78, pkcs1, xmlsecalgorithms0.8
  405. RSS: pil030.8, pil020.8, che070.8, gro050.8
  406. RSS2 (Really Simple Syndication): rss2
  407. RSVP (Resource Reservation Protocol): zha930.9
  408. RTP (Real Time Protocol): rfc1889, rfc3550
  409. RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol): rfc2326
  410. Regular Expression: tho680.9, bru930.9, cha99c0.9
  411. S-HTTP (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol): shttp, rfc2660
  412. S/MIME (Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions): smime1, smime2, rfc2311, rfc2312, rfc2632, rfc2633, rfc3850, rfc3851, rfc38530.9, rfc39230.8, rfc38540.7, rfc38550.7, rfc39260.7
  413. SAC (Simple API for CSS): sac
  414. SAF (Schema Adjunct Framework): vor000.8
  415. SAS (Schema-driven SAX): sun02, sun01
  416. SAX (Simple API for XML): box000.8, gar020.8, har020.8, sim030.7, wil03d0.7
  417. SBML (Systems Biology Markup Language): rfc38230.9
  418. SCIP (Simple Conference Invitation Protocol): scip
  419. SCSI (Small Computer System Interface): rfc21430.7
  420. SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol): rfc2960, nat090.9, rfc32860.9
  421. SCX (Schema Component XML Syntax): wil07e, wil07h0.9, mic06a0.9
  422. SCXML (State Chart XML): scxml
  423. SDIF (SGML Document Interchange Format): iso9069
  424. SDOM (Schema-driven DOM): sun02, sun01
  425. SDSL (Symmetric DSL): hec990.7
  426. SDXF (Structured Data Exchange Format): rfc3072
  427. SET (Secure Electronic Transaction): set, rfc35380.7
  428. SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language): iso8879, iso9070, gol99a0.9, gol91b0.9, xmlsgml0.9, rfc18740.9, riz01b0.8, riz01a0.8, kil980.8, kil990.8, bru910.8, bry970.8, jel980.8, rub970.8, mal950.8, tra950.8, der970.8, iso95730.8, iso9573-130.8, kil010.7, mam910.7, kil960.7
  429. SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm): xmlsecalgorithms0.8
  430. SHA-0: sha1, sha2
  431. SHA-1: rfc3174, bur06b0.8
  432. SHA-224: rfc3874
  433. SHOE (Simple HTML Ontology Extensions): hef030.8
  434. SHS (Secure Hash Standard): sha1, sha2
  435. SICI (Serial Item and Contribution Identifier): z39.56, rfc22880.8
  436. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol): sip2, rfc2543, rfc38400.9, rfc38580.9, rfc38910.9, rfc38920.9, rfc38930.9, rfc54110.9, rfc59890.9, rfc44580.7
  437. SISR (Semantic Interpretation for Speech Recognition): semspeechreg
  438. SKIP (Simple Key management for Internet Protocols): car960.9, ger000.8
  439. SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol): rfc1055
  440. SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language): smil, boston, smil20, smil21, smil30, smiltimesheets0.9, smilanim0.9, smil2authext0.9, xhtmlsmil0.9
  441. SML (Standard ML): sml11, smlif11, smlxlink0.9, smlepr0.9
  442. SMS (Short Message Service): smspp581, smspp610, smspp730, sms750, smsalph5300.9, smsalph7200.9, messagingapi0.9, wil01g0.9, wil02a0.9, rfc57240.9
  443. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol): rho97, rfc821, rfc2821, rfc4952, rfc5321, rfc5335, rfc5336, rfc5337, messagingapi0.9, rfc34580.9, rfc34610.9, rfc34620.9, rfc38640.9, rfc53220.9, rfc55040.9, rfc55980.9, hug980.8, rfc18690.8, rfc38650.8
  444. SNAQue (Strathclyde Novel Architecture for Querying XML): sim030.9
  445. SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol): rfc38260.8, rfc40880.8
  446. SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol): rfc2030
  447. SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture): oasissoarm10, bel070.9, wil10a0.9, pau09a0.9, pas050.8, til090.8, bai040.7
  448. SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol): soap11, soap12, soap12-1, soap12-1sec, soap12-2, soap12-2sec, soap12-3, box99, wsi18n0.9, xmlpscen0.9, soapjms0.9, soapattach0.9, soap12email0.9, soap12rep0.9, soap12af0.9, soap12-00.9, soap12-0sec0.9, soap12test0.9, soap12testsec0.9, soap12n11n0.9, soap12mtom0.9, soap12osucr0.9, alb040.8, mor030.8, pre020.8, lou050.8, wsdl20soap11binding0.8, wsdl20bindings0.8, wsaddrsoap0.8, soap11rorhttpbinding0.8, rfc32880.8, rfc39020.8, alo020.7, mel030.7
  449. SOC (Separation Of Concerns): par72, jun000.9
  450. SOX (Schema for Object-oriented XML): sox, lee000.8, vli02a0.8, vli02b0.8, boo990.7
  451. SPARQL (Simple Protocol and RDF Query Language): sparqlquery, sparql11query, sparql11servicedescription, sparql11update, sparql11httprdfupdate, sparql11entailment, sparql11federatedquery, har090.9, alo090.9, pas10a0.9, sparqljson0.9, sparqlxmlres0.9, sparqlprotocol0.9, sparql11protocol0.9, sparql11propertypaths0.9, sprot110.9, sparqlfeatures0.9, bat080.8, wil09i0.8
  452. SPDL (Standard Page Description Language): iso10180
  453. SPIFF (Still Picture Interchange File Format): iso10918-4
  454. SPath (XML Schema Path Language): wil07f, wil07d, wil07h0.8, mic06a0.8
  455. SQL (Structured Query Language): iso9075, webdatabase0.9, jai020.7, tue030.7
  456. SQL/XML: iso9075-1:2008, iso9075-14, fun020.8, tue030.7
  457. SQLj: tue030.7
  458. SRGS (Speech Recognition Grammar Specification): speechgrammar, semspeechreg0.9
  459. SRML (Simulation Reference Markup Language): srml
  460. SRTP (Secure Real Time Protocol): rfc3711
  461. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer): ssl30, rfc6176
  462. SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language): speechml, ssml11, ssml11reqs0.9, ssmlsayas0.9, css3speech0.8
  463. STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data): lub020.7
  464. STTS (Simple Tree Transformation Sheets): stts3
  465. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics): svg, svg11, svg11second, svg12, svg12colorprimer, svg12color, svg2req, svgmobile12, svgprintreq0.9, svgprint0.9, svgprint120.9, svgfilter120.9, svgmobile0.9, svgtiny12reqs0.9, sxbl0.9, svgtransforms0.9, svgparamprimer0.9, svgparam0.9, svgcompositing0.9, rfc30230.9, svgprintprimer120.8, svgfilterreqs0.8, svgfilterprimer120.8, xhtmlmathmlsvg0.8
  466. SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Transactions): rfc36150.8
  467. SXML (Schema-driven XML): sun02, sun01
  468. SaaS (Software as a Service): rho070.9
  469. Schematron: iso19757-3, rob030.8, rob040.8, lee000.8, hen020.8, vli02a0.8, vli02b0.8, wil04i0.7
  470. Scheme: sus75, har930.8, har990.8
  471. Search Engine: law990.9, but000.9
  472. Secret-Key Cryptography (Symmetric Cryptography): sin99
  473. Slidy: rag06
  474. StAX (Streaming API for XML): jsr173
  475. SwA (SOAP with Attachments): soapattach
  476. T/TCP (TCP for Transactions): hei97b0.7
  477. TAX (Tree Algebra for XML): jag01
  478. TBAC (Task Based Access Control): tol050.7
  479. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol): rfc793, rfc20010.9, rfc54820.9, hal00a0.8, rfc32520.8, hei97b0.7, hei970.7, kri910.6
  480. TDEA (Triple DEA): fips463
  481. TEI (Text Encoding Initiative): spe94b, teip4
  482. TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol): rfc36170.8
  483. THP (Tentative Hold Protocol): sri030.9
  484. THTTP (Trivial HTTP): rfc2169
  485. TIFF (Tag Image File Format): rfc23020.9
  486. TIFF/EP (TIFF for Electronic Photography): iso12234-2
  487. TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol): edn030.7
  488. TLS (Transport Layer Security): rfc2246, rfc5246, rfc6176, https0.9, rfc27160.9, rfc28170.9, rfc28180.9, rfc35460.9, rfc54690.9, rfc39430.8
  489. TMAC (Team Based Access Control): tol050.7
  490. TREX (Tree Regular Expressions for XML): vli02a0.8, vli02b0.8, mur010.7
  491. TT AF (Timed Text Authoring Format): ttaf10req0.9
  492. TTML (Timed Text Markup Language): ttaf1dfxp
  493. Tcl/Tk (Tool Command Language/Tool Kit): ous940.8
  494. TeX: knu84, knuth86a, knuth86b, knuth86e0.9, hoe980.8
  495. Telnet: rfc42480.8
  496. Thesaurus: iso2788, iso5964
  497. Token Bus: iso8802-40.9
  498. Token Ring: iso8802-50.9
  499. Topic Maps: iso13250, gar090.9, rat000.8, leg000.8, wid020.8, rdftmsurvey0.8, gar050.7
  500. TrAX (Transformation API for XML): har020.8
  501. TriX (RDF Triples in XML): car03b, car04c
  502. TrueType: truetype, iso14496-220.9, woff0.9
  503. UAAG (User Agent Accessibility Guidelines): waiua, waitua, uaag20reqs, uaag20, uaag20guide0.9
  504. UBL (Universal Business Language): ubl10, ubl20
  505. UCI (Universal Content Identifier): rfc41790.8
  506. UCLP (Universal Commerce Language and Protocol): uclp
  507. UCS (Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set): iso10646, iso10646-a10.8, rfc22790.8, rfc27810.8, rfc36290.8
  508. UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration): uddi3, alo020.7
  509. UDP (User Datagram Protocol): hal00a0.8, rfc32520.8
  510. UDP-Lite (Lightweight UDP): rfc3828
  511. UIML (User Interface Markup Language): abr990.9
  512. UML (Unified Modeling Language): uml13, uml14, uml15, uml20super, iso19501, bel040.9, kim000.8, car01c0.8, pro020.8, kob990.8, car01b0.8, boo990.8, car01d0.8, boo980.8, boo050.8, fow030.8, cer020.8, con020.8, iso191030.8, rou020.7, con000.7, sch010.7, che000.7, war980.7, iso150220.7, iso197930.7
  513. UPML (Unified Problem-solving Method Description Language): ome030.8
  514. URI (Uniform Resource Identifier): rfc2396bis, rfc2396, rfc3986, cooluris0.9, urispace0.9, mediafragsreqs0.9, mediafrags0.9, whentouseget0.9, schemeProtocols0.9, metaDataInURI0.9, uriclari0.9, curie0.9, mas10b0.9, rfc33050.9, rfc43950.9, rfc44520.9, rfc45010.9, rfc55380.9, rfc57850.9, sim03c0.8, hashinuri0.8, selfdescribingdocuments0.8, gre070.8, wil02h0.8, wil02a0.8, wil06e0.8, due080.8, rfc28380.8, rfc33680.8, rfc50920.8, rfc51470.8, rfc55930.8, rfc57240.8, rfc58700.8, pil04b0.7, rfc36170.7, rfc39660.7, rfc40510.7, rfc40880.7, rfc41510.7, rfc41560.7, rfc41570.7, rfc41790.7, rfc42480.7, rfc42660.7
  515. URL (Uniform Resource Locator): uriclari0.9, rfc20560.9, rfc21110.9, rfc27170.9, rfc27180.9, rfc33050.9, rfc19590.8, rfc21920.8, rfc22550.8, rfc23680.8, rfc23840.8, rfc23970.8, rfc35080.8, rfc35100.8, rfc60680.8, rfc28060.7
  516. URN (Uniform Resource Name): rfc2141, rfc2611, rfc3406, urnsandregistries0.9, uriclari0.9, dai980.9, rfc33050.9, rfc21690.7, rfc22880.7, rfc26480.7, rfc30010.7, rfc30430.7, rfc30440.7, rfc30610.7, rfc30850.7, rfc31200.7, rfc31210.7, rfc31510.7, rfc31870.7, rfc31880.7, rfc35410.7, rfc35530.7, rfc36140.7, rfc36150.7, rfc36160.7, rfc39370.7, rfc41220.7, rfc41520.7
  517. USMARC: marc210.9
  518. UTF-16: iso10646-a1, rfc2781
  519. UTF-7: rfc2152
  520. UTF-8: rfc2279, rfc3629, rfc51980.8, rfc55040.8
  521. UUID (Universally Unique Identifier): rfc41220.8
  522. Unicode: uni91, uni96, uni00, unicode4, xmluni0.9, webchar100.9, webchar10fund0.9, webchar10resid0.9, webchar10norm0.9, iuc190.8, iuc240.8, xmlentitynames0.8, rfc21520.8, rfc51980.8, sch03a0.7
  523. Usenet News (News): rfc1036, rfc38640.9
  524. V.90: v90
  525. VDSL (Very High Bit-Rate DSL): hec990.7
  526. VML (Vector Markup Language): vml
  527. VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language): car97, iso14772
  528. VoiceXML (Voice Extensible Markup Language): voicexml10, voicexml20, voicexml21, voicexml30, vxml30reqs0.9, xhtmlvoice0.9, rfc43740.7
  529. WADL (Web Application Description Language): wadl, wadlsubm
  530. WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative): waipa0.9, waiageliterature0.9, waica0.9, wcag200.9, wcag20techs0.9, wcag20checklist0.9, wcag20req0.9, wcag20techreq0.9, waitca0.9, wcag10css0.9, wcag10html0.9, wcag20html0.9, wcag20css0.9, wcag20script0.9, wcag20gateway0.9, wcag20general0.9, wcag10core0.9, wcag100.9, waiat0.9, atag200.9, atag20techs0.9, waitat0.9, waiua0.9, waitua0.9, uaag20reqs0.9, uaag200.9, uaag20guide0.9, xmlagl0.9
  531. WAIS (Wide Area Information Servers): rfc16250.9, rfc41560.8
  532. WAP (Wireless Application Protocol): ram000.8
  533. WAP1 (Wireless Application Protocol 1): wap99a, ccppcoord0.9, ebe010.7
  534. WAP2 (Wireless Application Protocol 2): wap01a, wap01b, wap2locprot
  535. WBXML (Wireless Binary XML): wap99d, wbxml
  536. WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines): waica, wcag20, wcag20techs, wcag20checklist, wcag20req, wcag20techreq, waitca, wcag10css, wcag10html, wcag20html, wcag20css, wcag20script, wcag10core, wcag10, wcag20gateway0.9, wcag20general0.9, mwbpwcag0.9, cen050.8, understandingwcag200.8
  537. WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy): edn030.8
  538. WGS84 (World Geodetic System 84): wgs84
  539. WHOIS: rfc3912
  540. WICD (Web Integration Compound Docuument): wicd10core, wicd10mobile, wicd10full
  541. WML (Wireless Markup Language): wap99c, wap99d0.7
  542. WMLScript: wap99b
  543. WOFF (Web Open Font Format): woff
  544. WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access): edn030.8
  545. WS-Addressing (Web Services Addressing): wsmetadataexchange0.9
  546. WS-BPEL (Web Service Business Process Execution Language): wsbpel20
  547. WS-CDL (Web Service Choreography Description Language): wscdl10, wscdl10primer0.9
  548. WS-Eventing: wseventing, wseventdescriptions, vin04a0.8
  549. WS-Events: vin04a0.8
  550. WS-Notification: vin04b0.8
  551. WS-Security (Web Services Security): sal030.7
  552. WSCI (Web Service Choreography Interface): wsci10
  553. WSCL (Web Services Conversation Language): wscl10, ber03c0.7
  554. WSDL (Web Services Description Language): wsdl12, wsdl2, wsdl11, wsdl11elementidentifiers, kop070.9, wsdl20primer0.9, wsdl20rdf0.9, altschemalangs0.9, wsdl12bindings0.9, wsdl20soap11binding0.9, wsdl20bindings0.9, wsdl20adjuncts0.9, wsdl12patterns0.9, wsdl20patterns0.9, wsdl20additionalmeps0.9, wsdl2extensions0.9, xkmswsdl0.9, mor030.8, sawsdlguide0.8, sawsdl0.8, wsaddrmetadata0.8, alo020.7, ber03c0.7
  555. WSFL (Web Services Flow Language): wsfl10, ber03c0.7
  556. WSML (Web Services Management Language): sah02
  557. WSMO (Web Service Modeling Ontology): kop080.8
  558. WTAI (Wireless Telephony Application Interface): wtai
  559. WWW (World Wide Web): dei99, mei03, wil98, wil99a, webarch, ber060.9, abr980.9, webchar100.9, webchar10fund0.9, webchar10resid0.9, webchar10norm0.9, bie970.8, www10.8, www40.8, www50.8, www60.8, www70.8, www80.8, www90.8, www10p0.8, www100.8, www2002p0.8, www20020.8, www2003p0.8, www20030.8, www2004a0.8, www20040.8, www2005p0.8, www20050.8, www2006p0.8, www20060.8, www2007p0.8, www20070.8, www2008p0.8, www20080.8, wsw20080.8, locweb20080.8, www2009p0.8, www20090.8, www20100.8, www20110.8, www2011companion0.8, locweb20090.8, locweb20100.8, wbc20060.8, and970.7
  560. Wavelet: sah000.8
  561. Web3D Consortium: rfc35410.8
  562. WebCGM: webcgm, webcgm2nd, webcgm20, webcgm21
  563. WebDAV (WWW Distributed Authoring and Versioning): rfc2518, rfc4918, rfc5689, rfc5842, rfc5995, rfc22910.9, rfc37440.9, rfc43160.9, rfc44370.9, rfc47910.9, rfc53230.9, fry99b0.8, vit990.7
  564. WebSQL: men97
  565. WiMAX: ieee80216e
  566. Wiki: leu01, jun07a0.8, jun07b0.8
  567. X-BULK (XKMS Bulk Operation): xbulk
  568. X.400: rho97, x400, pla92b0.9, rfc38540.9, rfc38550.9
  569. X.500: cha950.8, ste93b0.8, rfc36870.7
  570. X.509 (Directory Authentication Framework): rfc2527, rfc3647, rfc32790.9, rfc32800.9, rfc37790.9, ger000.8
  571. X2Doc: mic07b
  572. XAdES (XML Advanced Electronic Signatures): xades
  573. XBL (XML Binding Language): xbl, xbl20, sxbl0.9, xblprimer0.9
  574. XCQ: lam030.9
  575. XCSL (XML Constraint Specification Language): ram010.9, hen020.8
  576. XDBMS (XML Database Management System): sch03, lu050.8, zha09b0.8, sch050.7
  577. XDM (XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Data Model): xmlqdata, xmlqdata2nd, xq10xp20fo0.9, xq10xp20fo2nd0.9, xq10xp20fo110.9, xpathfunctions300.9
  578. XDR (External Data Representation): rfc1832
  579. XDR (XML-Data Reduced): lee000.8
  580. XDuce: hos00, hos01, mur010.7
  581. XER (Extensible Entity Relationship Modeling): sen030.8
  582. XER (XML Encoding Rules): x693
  583. XFDL (Extensible Forms Description Language): xfdl
  584. XForms: xforms10data, xforms10, xforms10sec, xforms10third, xforms10basic, xforms11req, xforms11, xformsforhtml0.9, xformsreq0.8, sob060.7
  585. XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language): xhtml10, xhtml10sec, xhtml10third, xhtmlbasic, xhtmlbasic11, xhtmlbasic11sec, xhtml11, xhtml11sec, xhtmlbuild, xhtmlmod, xhtmlmodsec, xhtmlmod2nd, xhtml2, har080.9, i18nhtmltech0.9, i18nhtmltechbidi0.9, htmlbidi0.9, i18nhtmltechchar0.9, i18nhtmltechlang0.9, htmlroad0.9, xhtmlrdfa0.9, roleattribute0.9, xhtmlsmil0.9, xhtmlvoice0.9, xhtmlmodsch0.9, xhtmlev0.9, xhtmlrole0.9, xhtmlmediatypes0.9, xhtmlmediatypes2nd0.9, xhtml1xmlschema0.9, rfc32360.9, bou000.8, xhtmlrdfaprimer0.8, rdfasyntax0.8, xhtmlaccess0.8, xhtmlmathmlsvg0.8, xhtmlprint0.8, xhtmlprintsec0.8, rfc43740.7
  586. XIPr (XInclude Processor): wil07g0.9
  587. XIRQL (XML Information Retrieval Query Language): fuh01
  588. XInclude (XML Inclusions): xinclude, xinclude2nd, wil04k0.8, lea000.7, mur070.7
  589. XIndirect (XML Indirection Facility): xindirect, kim030.9
  590. XJ (XML for Java): har050.9
  591. XKMS (XML Key Management Specification): xbulk, xkms20, xkms2req, xkms2bindings, xkmswsdl0.9, xkmspgp0.8, sal030.7
  592. XL (XML Language): flo020.9
  593. XLANG: ber03c0.7
  594. XMCL (Extensible Media Commerce Language): xmcl
  595. XMI (XML Metadata Interchange): xmi11, xmi12, xmi20, xmi21
  596. XML (Extensible Markup Language): xml, xml10sec, xml10third, xml10fourth, xml10fifth, xmlprocprofiles, xml10blue, xml11, xml11sec, bra980.9, con970.9, mor010.9, nev02b0.9, gol99a0.9, duc980.9, meg980.9, har040.9, lig970.9, rifxmldata0.9, xmlagl0.9, xinclude0.9, xinclude2nd0.9, xmluni0.9, xmlss0.9, xmlss2nd0.9, xmlmodel0.9, xmlprocmodelreq0.9, xmlidreq0.9, xmlid0.9, xmlsgml0.9, rfc23760.9, rfc30230.9, rfc52610.9, riz01b0.8, kim000.8, pil04a0.8, sal020.8, car01c0.8, pro020.8, ber020.8, nev02a0.8, wil08j0.8, wil08m0.8, lie99b0.8, wid990.8, flo99b0.8, bun020.8, fan020.8, are040.8, hos050.8, zha09b0.8, nec060.8, erw000.8, car01b0.8, tho050.8, bra050.8, kap010.8, abi090.8, kos060.8, zha060.8, fer060.8, wil06l0.8, lin060.8, qel060.8, riz01a0.8, kil980.8, kil990.8, bru910.8, boo990.8, car01d0.8, flo990.8, gol980.8, gol99b0.8, gol00b0.8, gol010.8, gol030.8, jel980.8, gar020.8, spe990.8, bea040.8, hoq000.8, pel040.8, owl2xmlserialization0.8, xprocrequirements0.8, xproc0.8, xproctemplate0.8, xml11schema100.8, xmlentitynames0.8, xbase0.8, xmlbase2nd0.8, xmlbasesec0.8, xns0.8, xmlns10sec0.8, xmlns10third0.8, xmlns11req0.8, xmlns110.8, xmlns11sec0.8, selfdescribingdocuments0.8, xmlversioning0.8, xmlmediatypes0.8, pointersinrdf0.8, xmlevents0.8, xmlevents20.8, rfc34700.8, kil010.7, dum040.7, coa030.7, wil02g0.7, wil03l0.7, nag030.7, sch03a0.7, stl030.7, wil05r0.7, mcb010.7, car030.7, wil03o0.7, cob020.7, xmlppm0.7, xmill0.7, ray030.7, beh000.7, von050.7, eck030.7, kno010.7, der970.7, iso225370.7, xpath0.7, xmlschemaguide2versioning0.7, bra030.7, gol000.7, rfc36880.7, wil00c0.6, lee000.6, vli02a0.6, vli02b0.6, wil01a0.6, har020.6, rot010.6, xlinknaming0.6, xlinkstyle0.6, xlink0.6, xptr0.6, xpath2req0.6, xpath200.6, xpath20second0.6, xpath210.6, xpath300.6, rfc26290.6, fun000.5, xhtml100.5, xhtml10sec0.5, xhtml10third0.5, xhtmlbasic0.5, xhtmlbasic110.5, xhtmlbasic11sec0.5, xhtml110.5, xhtml11sec0.5, xhtmlbuild0.5, xhtmlmod0.5, xhtmlmodsec0.5, xhtmlmod2nd0.5, xhtml20.5, smil0.4, boston0.4, smil200.4, smil210.4, smil300.4, mathml0.4, mathml20.4, mathml2sec0.4
  597. XML Base: xbase, xmlbase2nd, xmlbasesec
  598. XML Infoset (XML Information Set): xmlinfo, xmlinfoset, infosetrdf0.9, sal020.8, wil02j0.8, wil06j0.8, wil03c0.8, box000.8, iso24824-10.8, wil03o0.7
  599. XML Namespaces: xns, xmlns10sec, xmlns10third, xmlns11, xmlns11sec, namespacestate0.9, xmlns11req0.9, nsdocuments0.9, wil06h0.8, xptrxmlns0.8, wil03o0.7
  600. XML Pipeline Definition Language: xmlpipeline10, tho03b0.8
  601. XML Schema Language: xmlmodel0.9, lee000.8, vli02a0.8, vli02b0.8, ber03b0.8
  602. XML Screamer: kos06
  603. XML-DSig (XML-Signature): xmlsigsp, xmldsigcore2, xmldsigcore2nd, xmldsigcore1, xmldsigfilter, rfc3653, xmldsigxpath0.9, xmldsigbestpractices0.9, xmldsig2edtests0.9, xmldsigproperties0.9, xmldsigsimplify0.9, dsigusage0.9, xmlsig0.9, xmlsecderivedkeys0.9, xmlsecrngschema0.9, xmlsecalgorithms0.9, xmlsecgenerichybrid0.9, widgets10digsig0.9, xmldecrypt0.8, sal030.7
  604. XML-Enc (XML Encryption): xmlencsynproc, xmlenccore1, xmlenc0.9, xmlsecderivedkeys0.9, xmlsecalgorithms0.9, xmlsecgenerichybrid0.9, xmlsecreqs0.8, xmlsecreqs20.8, sal030.7
  605. XML-RPC: rfc35290.7
  606. XMLP (XML Protocol): xpreq, xmlpam, xmlpscen0.9
  607. XMLPPM (XML-Conscious PPM Compression): xmlppm
  608. XMLPipe: ped030.9
  609. XMLVS (XML Versioning System): hal060.9
  610. XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol): rfc3920, rfc3921, rfc6120, rfc6121, rfc6122, poh10a0.9, sai070.9, rfc39220.9, rfc39230.9, rfc39260.9
  611. XMSG (XML Messaging Specification): xmsg
  612. XMTP (XML MIME Transformation Protocol): xmtp
  613. XMill: xmill
  614. XNF (XML Normal Form): are04, emb01
  615. XOP (XML-binary Optimized Packaging): xop10, soap12-0sec0.9, xopincfaq0.9
  616. XPL (XML Pipeline Definition Language): xpl
  617. XPS (XML Paper Specification): xps
  618. XPath (XML Path Language): gou070.9, zha09b0.8, bar030.8, gen060.8, qel060.8, hlo050.8, cselectionxaf0.7, rfc52610.7
  619. XPath 1.0: xpath, der990.9, kay040.9, xptr0.9, dom3xpath0.9, oba02c0.8, wil00c0.8, gru040.8, guo030.8, olt020.8, got030.8, kno010.8, ten010.8, xmldsigxpath0.8, got050.7, jai020.7, wil06i0.7, wil03o0.7, wil01a0.7, kay000.7, kay010.7, hol01a0.7, hol01b0.7, hje010.7, ten020.7, tid010.7, xmldsigcore20.7, xmldsigfilter0.7, rfc36530.7
  620. XPath 2.0: xquerysem, xquerysem2nd, xq10xp20fo, xq10xp20fo2nd, xq10xp20fo11, xpathfunctions30, xpathfullusecase, xpathfullreq, xpathfulltext, xpath2req, xpath20, xpath20second, xpath21, xpath30, xmlqdata0.9, xmlqdata2nd0.9, xmlqdata110.9, xpathdatamodel300.9, wil07f0.8, xqxpparsing0.8, gro040.7
  621. XPipe: mcg020.9
  622. XPointer (XML Pointer Language): xptr, xptrxmlns, xptrxpointer, xptrelement, der990.9, xmlfragid0.9, rfc30230.9, wil00c0.8, car980.8, cla040.8, duh010.8, low010.8, wil01a0.8, vit020.7
  623. XProc: xproc, xprocrequirements0.9, xproctemplate0.9
  624. XPsh (XPath Shell): gig06, wil06i0.9, wil06g0.8
  625. XQJ (XQuery API for Java): jsr225
  626. XQuery (XML Query): xmlqalg, xquerysem, xquerysem2nd, xquery, xquery2nd, xquery11, xquery30, xq10xp20fo, xq10xp20fo2nd, xq10xp20fo11, xpathfunctions30, xpathfullusecase, xpathfullreq, xpathfulltext, hid040.9, and10a0.9, xmlqdata0.9, xmlqdata2nd0.9, xmlqdata110.9, xpathdatamodel300.9, xqupdate0.9, xmlqusecase0.9, xquerysx100.9, xquery11usecases0.9, xquery30usecases0.9, xsltxqueryserialize0.9, xsltxqueryserialize2nd0.9, xsltxqueryserialization110.9, xqueryx0.9, xqueryx2nd0.9, xqueryx110.9, fun020.8, gru080.8, wu080.8, ozc080.8, liu08b0.8, hol080.8, blo080.8, cap080.8, kay080.8, zha09b0.8, rob060.8, fok050.8, hlo050.8, kat030.8, xquerysx10requirements0.8, xqxpparsing0.8, gro040.7, mor070.7, wil03d0.7, xmlqreq0.7, xquery11requirements0.7, xqueryupdatereq0.7, xqupdateusecases0.7
  627. XQueryX (XQuery XML Syntax): xqueryx, xqueryx2nd, xqueryx11, xqueryx30
  628. XRI (Extensible Resource Identifier): xrisyntax20
  629. XSCS (XML Schema Compact Syntax): sti03b, wil03b0.9, wil03f0.9, wil03k0.8
  630. XSD (XML Schema Definition Language): xmlsch1, xmlsch2, xmlschema1sec, xmlschema2sec, xmlschema11req, xmlschema11-1, xmlschema11-2, kop070.9, bro02a0.9, bex070.9, tho040.9, lam050.9, wil07e0.9, xmlschemareq0.9, xmlsch00.9, xmlschema0sec0.9, xmlschemaref0.9, xmlschemapatterns0.9, xmlschemapatternsadvanced0.9, xmlschf0.9, xmlschemaguide2versioning0.9, xmlschemaapi0.9, kle060.8, orc030.8, orc040.8, oba030.8, oba02a0.8, oba02b0.8, pro020.8, pro02b0.8, wil03m0.8, wil03p0.8, wil04d0.8, wil04l0.8, wil05c0.8, pas06b0.8, lee000.8, mar050.8, wil04j0.8, lit040.8, vli02a0.8, vli02b0.8, wil03b0.8, tho030.8, are020.8, mar04a0.8, bex050.8, kau030.8, man030.8, mic070.8, boo990.8, sch02b0.8, mic06b0.8, wal010.8, bin020.8, vli02c0.8, bea040.8, x6940.8, xml11schema100.8, xsdversioningusecases0.8, got050.7, fit050.7, han02b0.7, wil04i0.7, kem020.7, rou020.7, con000.7, bir000.7, man010.7, los030.7, kri040.7, mic07b0.7, kil040.7, mur010.7, wil03o0.7, eck030.7, iso150220.7, swbpxschdatatypes0.7, xlinknaming0.7, xhtmlmodsch0.7
  631. XSH (XML Editing Shell): ham020.9
  632. XSL (Extensible Style Language): xsl0.9, xsl110.9, xlinkstyle0.8, xsl11req0.8, xslfo20req0.8, xslfo20dn0.8, wil03d0.7, kno010.7
  633. XSL-FO (XSL Formatting Objects): xsl, xsl11, xsl11req0.9, xslfo20req0.9, xslfo20dn0.9
  634. XSLT (XSL Transformations): kay10a0.9, rfc30230.9, mol070.8
  635. XSLT 1.0: xslt, xslt11, xslt11req, kay040.9, toz010.9, duc030.8, nov000.8, pre010.8, erw030.8, fun000.8, gar020.8, kno010.8, kay000.8, kay010.8, hol01a0.8, hol01b0.8, hje010.8, ten010.8, ten020.8, tid010.8, jai020.7, kwo040.7, wil03d0.7, beh000.6
  636. XSLT 2.0: xslt2req, xslt20, xslt20sec, xslt21requirements, xslt21, ten030.9, xsltxqueryserialize0.9, xsltxqueryserialize2nd0.9, xsltxqueryserialization110.9, fok050.8, fuc040.8, hlo050.8, gro040.7
  637. XSLidy: wil07l0.9, wil07m0.9
  638. XSchema: lee02
  639. XTM (XML Topic Maps): xtm10, gar09
  640. XTalk: agr01, bay040.9
  641. XUP (Extensible User Interface Protocol): xup
  642. XXL (Flexible XML Search Language): the02
  643. Z39.50: z39, iso23950, rfc20560.9, rfc16250.7
  644. cHTML (Compact HTML): chtml1
  645. ccXML (Call Control XML): ccxml10
  646. ebXML (Electronic Business XML): iso15000-1, iso15000-2, iso15000-3, iso15000-4, iso15000-5, pat030.8, ber03c0.7
  647. iCalendar (iCal): rfc2445, rfc5545, dab090.9, har05b0.9, rfc24460.9, rfc24470.9, 60470.9, rdfcal0.8, rfc32830.8, rfc53330.8
  648. iMIP (iCalendar Message-Based Interoperability Protocol): rfc2447, 6047, rfc53330.9, rfc32830.8
  649. iSCSI (Internet SCSI): rfc3347
  650. iTIP (iCalendar Transport-Independent Interoperability Protocol): rfc2446, 60470.9, rfc32830.8
  651. sRGB (standard RGB): srgb, iec61966-2
  652. sXBL (SVG's XML Binding Language): sxbl
  653. servlet: ple010.7
  654. vCard: vcard21, ian010.9, daw980.9, rfc24250.9, rfc24260.9

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