Document Content Description for XML

Tim Bray, Charles Frankston, Ashok Malhotra

Tim Bray, Charles Frankston, Ashok Malhotra, Document Content Description for XML, World Wide Web Consortium, Note NOTE-dcd-19980731, July 1998.

This document proposes a structural schema facility, Document Content Description (DCD), for specifying rules covering the structure and content of XML documents. The DCD proposal incorporates a subset of the XML-Data Submission and expresses it in a way which is consistent with the ongoing W3C RDF (Resource Description Framework) effort; in particular, DCD is an RDF vocabulary. DCD is intended to define document constraints in an XML syntax; these constraints may be used in the same fashion as traditional XML DTDs. DCD also provides additional properties, such as basic datatypes.


Keywords: DCD (Document Content Description);


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