Requirements for EMMA

Stéphane H. Maes, Stephen Potter

Stéphane H. Maes, Stephen Potter, Requirements for EMMA, World Wide Web Consortium, Note NOTE-EMMAreqs-20030113, January 2003.

This document describes requirements for the Extensible MultiModal Annotation language (EMMA) specification under development in the W3C Multimodal Interaction Activity. EMMA is intended as a data format for the interface between input processors and interaction management systems. It will define the means for recognizers to annotate application specific data with information such as confidence scores, time stamps, input mode (e.g. key strokes, speech or pen), alternative recognition hypotheses, and partial recognition results, etc. EMMA is a target data format for the semantic interpretation specification being developed in the Voice Browser Activity, and which describes annotations to speech grammars for extracting application specific data as a result of speech recognition. EMMA supersedes earlier work on the natural language semantics markup language in the Voice Browser Activity.

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