hRESTS: An HTML Microformat for Describing RESTful Web Services

Jacek Kopecký, Karthik Gomadam, Tomas Vitvar


The Web 2.0 wave brings, among other aspects, the Programmable Web: increasing numbers of Web sites provide machine-oriented APIs and Web services. However, most APIs are only described with text in HTML documents. The lack of machine-readable API descriptions affects the feasibility of tool support for developers who use these services. We propose a microformat called hRESTS (HTML for RESTful Services) for machine-readable descriptions of Web APIs, backed by a simple service model. The hRESTS microformat describes main aspects of services, such as operations, inputs and outputs. We also present two extensions of hRESTS: SA-REST, which captures the facets of public APIs important for mashup developers, and MicroWSMO, which provides support for semantic automation.


Keywords: (undefined keyword: hrests); (undefined keyword: sarest); WSMO (Web Service Modeling Ontology)0.8; (undefined keyword: microwsmo);


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