Enhancing Kepler Usability and Performance

Kurt Maly, Michael L. Nelson, Mohammad Zubair, Ashraf Amrou, Sathish Kothamasa, Lan Wang, Richard Luce


Kepler is an attempt to bridge the gap between established, organization-backed digital libraries and groups of researchers that wish to publish their findings under their control, anytime, anywhere yet have the advantages of an OAI-compliant digital library. We describe an architecture and implementation of the Kepler system that allows an archivelet to be installed in the order of minutes by an author on a personal machine and a group server in less than an hour. The group server will harvest from all archivelets and make the union of all published papers available for search to a community. We describe how a group administrator can provide an XML schema for the metadata and how the Kepler engine will validate against them when an author publishes a paper and completes the metadata. We have demonstrated that we can surmount the technical difficulties for authors to publish as easy as to a website yet produce OAI-compliant digital libraries.


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