Scope of Mobile Web Best Practices

Phil Archer, Ed Mitukiewicz

Phil Archer, Ed Mitukiewicz, Scope of Mobile Web Best Practices, World Wide Web Consortium, Note NOTE-mobile-bp-scope-20051220, December 2005.

Web access from mobile devices suffers from problems that make the Web unattractive for most mobile users. W3C's Mobile Web Initiative (MWI) proposes to address these issues through a concerted effort of key players in the mobile value chain, including authoring tool vendors, content providers, handset manufacturers, browser vendors and mobile operators. To help frame the development of "best practices" for the mobile Web this document — created by the members of the Mobile Web Initiative Best Practices Working Group (BPWG) as an elaboration of its charter — identifies the nature of problems to be solved, outlines the scope of work to be undertaken and specifies the assumptions regarding the target audience and the anticipated deliverables. The BPWG has recently published the first public working drafts of its initial Mobile Web Best Practices recommendations.


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