From Conceptual Modelling to Requirements Engineering

Colette Rolland, Naveen Prakash

Colette Rolland, Naveen Prakash, From Conceptual Modelling to Requirements Engineering, Annals of Software Engineering, 10(1-4):151-176, 2000.

Conceptual modelling is situated in the broader view of information systems requirements engineering. Requirements Engineering (RE) explores the objectives of different stakeholders and the activities carried out by them to meet these objectives in order to derive purposeful system requirements and therefore lead to better quality systems, i.e., systems that meet the requirements of their users. Thus RE product models use concepts for modelling these instead of concepts like data, process, events, etc., used in conceptual models. Since the former are more stable than the latter, requirements engineering manages change better. The paper gives the rationale for extending traditional conceptual models and introduces some RE product models. Furthermore, in contrast to conceptual modelling, requirements engineering lays great stress on the engineering process employed. The paper introduces some RE process models and considers their effect on tool support.


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