Location-Based Services

Jochen H. Schiller, Agnès Voisard

Jochen H. Schiller, Agnès Voisard, Location-Based Services, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, San Francisco, California, 2004, 1558609296.

Location-based services (LBS) are a new concept integrating a users geographic location with the general notion of services, such as dialing an emergency number from a cell phone or using a navigation system in a car. Incorporating both mobile communication and spatial data, these applications represent a novel challenge both conceptually and technically. The purpose of this book is to describe, in an accessible fashion, the various concepts underlying mobile location-based services. These range from general application-related ideas to technical aspects. Each chapter starts with a high level of abstraction and drills down to the technical details. Contributors examine each application from all necessary perspectives, namely, requirements, services, data, and scalability. An illustrative example begins early in the book and runs throughout, serving as a reference.


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