SOAP Version 1.2 Specification Assertions and Test Collection (Second Edition)

Hugo Haas, Oisin Hurley, Anish Karmarkar, Jeff Mischkinsky, Mark Jones, Lynne Thompson, Richard Martin


This document draws on assertions found in the SOAP Version 1.2 specifications, and provides a set of tests in order to show whether the assertions are implemented in a SOAP processor. A SOAP 1.2 implementation that passes all of the tests specified in this document may claim to conform to the SOAP 1.2 Test Suite, 2006 12 19. It is incorrect to claim to be compliant with the SOAP Version 1.2 specifications merely by passing successfully all the tests provided in this test suite. It is also incorrect to claim that an implementation is non compliant with the SOAP Version 1.2 specifications based on its failure to pass one or more of the tests in this test suite.

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