Keeping Web Indices up-to-date

Marcel Dasen, Erik Wilde


Search engines play a crucial role in the Web. Without search engines large parts of the Web becomes inaccessible for the majority of users. Search engines can make new and smaller sites accessible at low cost. Without them, other media, such as Television, would be needed to advertise the existence new site on the Web, only large commercial sites can follow this path. The Web would be endangered to become dominated by a few, well known sites. A crucial problem of search engines is to keep their index up-to-date. Especially if the index grows, the effort needed to update the index increases, since Web documents are dynamic and thus already stored data becomes obsolete. There have been various attempts to monitor the evolvement of the Web. However, we believe, that change model used in prior work over-estimates the rate of change due to an inadequate change model. Our change model has been adapted from the information retrieval field to distinguish index relevant changes from irrelevant modifications in Web documents, e.g. simple spelling corrections or dynamic advertisement links. We have monitored multiple smaller collections of documents over a time period of six month to measure the documents change.


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