Web Services Choreography Requirements 1.0

Daniel Austin, Abbie Barbir, Ed Peters, Steve Ross-Talbot

Daniel Austin, Abbie Barbir, Ed Peters, Steve Ross-Talbot, Web Services Choreography Requirements 1.0, World Wide Web Consortium, Working Draft WD-ws-chor-reqs-20040311, March 2004.

As the momentum around Web Services grows, the need for effective mechanisms to co-ordinate the interactions among Web Services and their users becomes more pressing. The Web Services Choreography Working Group has been tasked with the development of such a mechanism in an interoperable way. This document describes a set of requirements for Web Services choreography based around a set of representative use cases, as well as general requirements for interaction among Web Services. This document is intended to be consistent with other efforts within the W3C Web Services Activity.


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