Querying XML in TIMBER

Yuqing Wu, Stelios Paparizos, H. V. Jagadish

Yuqing Wu, Stelios Paparizos, H. V. Jagadish, Querying XML in TIMBER, IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin, 31(4):15-24, December 2008.

In this paper, we describe the TIMBER XML database system implemented at University of Michigan. TIMBER was one of the first native XML database systems, designed from the ground up to store and query semi-structured data. A distinctive principle of TIMBER is its algebraic underpinning. Central contributions of the TIMBER project include: (1) tree algebras that capture the structural nature of XML queries; (2) the stack-based family of algorithms to evaluate structural joins; (3) new rule-based query optimization techniques that take care of the heterogeneous nature of the intermediate results and take the schema information into consideration; (4) cost-based query optimization techniques and summary structures for result cardinality estimation; and (5) a family of structural indices for more efficient query evaluation. In this paper, we describe not only the architecture of TIMBER, its storage model, and engineering choices we made, but also present in hindsight, our retrospective on what went well and not so well with our design and engineering choices.


Keywords: XQuery (XML Query)0.8;


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