Working with Feeds

Assignment 5 — Web Architecture Fall 2010

Assigned: Thursday, November 4th, 2010
Due: Thursday, November 11th, 2010


In this assignment, we will work with the Yahoo! Query Language (YQL) and/or Yahoo! Pipes to produce enriched feed(s).


Find one or more feeds that you find interesting, but which could be enhanced to provide a more useful feed. Using Yahoo! Pipes, extend this feed so it is merged with one or more other sets of data, such as a microformat, podcast, geographic information, or even another feed.

We will be grading based on the complexity, creativity and usefulness of the feed. Please use at least seven to ten individual modules, and consider using a number of sources. Do be sure to include user input as a part of your pipe.

Once you have completed the above, write a 1-page essay explaining the process you took, why you enhanced the feed you did, any difficulties or challenges you encountered, and whether you will continue to use this feed in the future.

When complete, send the link to your feed and the essay to

Sample Yahoo Pipe

Google and Yahoo News Feed

Extra Credit:

Complete the above, then investigate other query languages, and use one of them to generate a second enhanced feed, as described above. Write a second essay with the same information listed above.

Once complete, send links to your both feeds, and both essays to


  • You may find browsing these microformats to be useful.
  • There are a number of query languages that can be used for the extra credit portion of this assignment. You may find the Yahoo! Query Language to be a good starting point.
  • There is a good video guide to beginning with Yahoo! Pipes here.

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